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Lamplight Mystery Box

Lamplight Mystery Box

Box must be purchased on its own! Other items must be on separate order as this box has its own shipping. Thank you!


Themed craft box that includes a surprise mix of Art by Adrie designs! 


Possible blanks and decals you may receive are the love shape, mouse head, tutu and pointe shoe sets, girl mouse headband, or separate mouse headband and bow. 


What's included? 

- At minimum, 10 Blank and Decal Sets in various sizes, including 1 EXCLUSIVE set available only for the box. (Mostly 2", 2.5", some 1.5" as "charms" and/or bookmarks!)

- A set of 9 beads that can be used for 3 keychains or with badge reels

- Glitter Sample

- Surprise hardware (keychains, crystal string, clips, reels, etc... note these are not full kits but come with fun hardware that you can mix and match or use with any of your items!)

- Fun Charms

- Surprise Inclusions

- Thank you card and stickers with coupon code from us and collaboraters!



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