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Fish Bowl Shaker Beaded Keychain Craft Kit

Fish Bowl Shaker Beaded Keychain Craft Kit

Full beaded keychain craft kits ready to go and ready to ship! These are a fun one stop shop kit with everything you need to make this fun item. All you need to provide is your favorite choice of resin for this project!


What’s included:


- 2” Blank and acetate sheet pre-cut and ready to go.

-2" 3D Shake ring already pre-drilled for you for easier shaker fluid filling!

- 3 beads (assorted designs!)

- Crystal String

- 2" Matching Decal

- A fun surprise shaped lobster clasp

- 1 gram of inclusions that match.

- A surprise glitter to go with your blank!

- A jewelry spoon bail for turning your shaker into a keychain

- Dental floss threader to help with beading


Thanks for stopping by and please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions!

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