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5 & 10 mm Christmas Peppermint Mix *Non Edible*

5 & 10 mm Christmas Peppermint Mix *Non Edible*

WARNING: Product is not edible. Products are all fake clay sprinkles and meant for crafts. CHOKING HAZARD: Please keep out of reach of children and toddlers.


This set is a mix of 5 mm and larger 10 mm clay and pearls! These would work great mixed with smaller clays, as a cabochon, or decor on your pieces! Can also pull out the 5 mm pieces for shakers <3 


10 gram bags of mix as pictured. 


Weight: All items are measured during packing in grams using a scale and to the best of our abilities to be as accurate as possible. 10 grams is approximately 1 TBSP. Due to differences in scales there may be a difference in weight approximately 1 gram off either higher or lower.

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